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Mery Christmas to all my friends!!!!

So my living room looks like a paper and toy factory blew up!
Aym got a Zune which she was very happy to see. She didn't ask for it and probably thought she would never get another electronic device since she's screwed up 2 or i-pods. I lost track. I remember one landed in the toilet because it was in her back pocket and her current one hasw a broke screen from her back pack, oh yea, her face astringent stuff spilled on her dresser and some got inside... so yea.
Michael got lots 0f hockey figurines, star wars thingys and the coolest, an air soft gun (bee-bee style) that looks like an automatic rifle. Camouflage and all! He said "i got so many toys I don't know what to play with!"
I bought Daniel Mass Effect for the x-box 360 and a sweater. I tried to buy him this book called Forbidden LEGO: Build the Models Your Parents Warned You Against! but the 3 different stores i went to didn't have it.
On the other hand, he spoiled me. I didn't give him any ideas until yesterday. I've been so busy getting all the things down that i just didn't have time to sit and think about it. He bought me the food grinder attachment for my stand mixer and a hand mixer, i asked for those. The he got me some leopard print gloves and an awesome purse, also leopard print! It so sweet and gawdy i can't believe he actually bought it for me. I was gushing over it the other day, and he just kept going on about how ugly it was! But they all match my fuzzy leopard coat! hehehe
Well, my mom just called and they are going to be here in about 1 1/2 hours so I need to get moving!

Hugs to all!!!
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